LOVE  /  February 03, 2015

Sameer & Lise: Cabbagetown Sweethearts

Meet Sameer & Lise 
Most couples can't pinpoint the exact moment when they knew "they" were the one. Sameer can't either; it has always just felt right. Perhaps it was after Lise started keeping crunchy peanut butter — Sameer's favourite — stocked in her kitchen, or perhaps it was when the children in Lise's extended family started asking him to make playdough animals and decorate gingerbread cookies with them. Whenever it was, it feels as though Sameer always knew she was the one.

After meeting online, Sameer and Lise’s first date was at a wine bar on Queen West, which turned into a walk in the park, followed by a lovely dinner. Since then, the good times have just continued to roll and have followed them on adventures around the globe 
from Versailles to Bali.

Sameer and Lise’s love story started through the world wide web so it’s no surprise that their FTJCo story started online too, with a message to our Chief Designer, Ryan Taylor, through Twitter when Sameer decided to propose.

Sameer wanted Lise’s ring to be perfect but he — like a lot of people about to pop the question  had no idea what kind of ring Lise really wanted. So, when Sameer proposed on bended knee on a stone bridge in the middle of a vineyard in Prince Edward County, he used a “proposal” ring in Lise’s size and then they designed Lise’s ring, together.

For Sameer and Lise the choice to work with FTJCo was easy. They wanted to be part of the process and have full confidence that every component of Lise’s ring was ethically sourced.

Together, they designed something true to Lise’s vision: a ring with lasting elegance that was simple and classic. Lise’s ring is very special for us folks at FTJCo — it’s our first trellis, three-stone, Sirius Star engagement ring.

Sameer and Lise’s FTJCo Experience

“FTJCo put so much passion, care, and hard work into everything they do. Their customer service was brilliant — buying a ring can be quite harrowing for a guy that's never done it before, and the process at FTJCo alleviated a lot of that anxiety — and the attention to detail and design is unparalleled. The choice to go with FTJCo was an easy one.

Throughout the design process, the staff at FTJCo were able to take the nebulous ideas that we had in our heads and turn them into a concrete design idea. They were flexible and patient, and made sure that every decision we made was not done in haste. Once the design was agreed upon, FTJCo kept us up to date with the entire process of creating the ring and sent photos and videos until it was ready. The final reveal was beautiful, and demonstrated the care and passion taken in making the ring — one of the reasons we decided to go with FTJCo in the first place.”