Michael & Victoria: Love in Orbit

Victoria is the proud owner of FTJCo’s most technically challenging ring, ever. Her design pushed our 3-D printer and our technical skills to new levels and we, like her, are thrilled with the final result. She also helped make it the first ring we made inspired by a pipe cleaner prototype.

Victoria and Michael’s first date started with two magical ingredients that will surely come in handy throughout their marriage: wine and fun. The second followed with a visit to an archaeological exhibit, where they shared a joke about a fondly remembered Latin phrase they both had learned while attending the same high school, albeit five years apart. They also soon discovered that their homes were on the same street on opposite sides of Kensington Market. The stars aligned. It was fate.

A little over a year into their relationship Michael surprised Victoria with a quick visit to FTJCo. After reading about our store online, he knew that FTJCo's commitment to ethical sourcing would appeal to her career dedicated to social justice -- professionally she's a human rights lawyer – and that creating her own unique ring would speak to her love of fashion and design.

We met with Robin who showed us the workshop and explained your process and philosophy,” Victoria says.  “We both knew, right away, it was the place for us. We never went to another jeweller.”

Victoria’s vision was clear but the final design was not. Together with our team, Victoria tried different ideas and versions of her unique design working through our 3-D process so she could see and try on each iteration.

Michael was waiting for the ring to be finished before proposing, but by the time we were showing Victoria version number six, he couldn't wait any longer. So, in March, Michael proposed in their living room with a ring borrowed from Victoria’s jewellery box.

Love isn’t perfect but your engagement ring can be. Victoria’s custom off-kilter design is inspired by objects orbiting a star. The centre stone is a Canadian diamond from the Victor mine in Sudbury, Ontario. Michael liked that it was internally flawless.  Victoria liked that it was from the “Victoria” Mine.

That's the most special part of a custom design. It tells a story. A love story. 

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